Stereoscopic Views of the War Beyond the Western Front: A call for submissions

One of the Centre’s academic researchers, Dr Tudor Georgescu, shares his call for stereoscopic images of the First World War.

127: Our intrepid infantry still "foot slogging" : on the longAs part of an exhibition focussed on the war beyond the Western Front at Oxford Brookes University, Dr Tudor Georgescu is looking to convert a series of stereoscopic views to 3D pictures and would very much value your help in putting together a set of twenty to thirty images to highlight a remarkable history of the War and its visual legacy.

If you have stereoscopic pictures capturing the Italian, Balkan, Middle Eastern or Russian campaigns, for example, he would be really grateful if you could let him use these for the exhibition planned for 18 Nov – 16 Dec 2016, at Glass Tank, Oxford Brookes University.

The exhibition sets out to explore hidden histories of the First World War that go beyond the well trodden trenches of the Western Front, refocusing on themes and theatres that have remained elusive. As seen through the prism of the Oxf and Bucks battalions’ experiences of the Italian, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Russian campaigns, a remarkable and graphic history emerges, one that also lucidly illustrates the truly global dimensions of the First World War and our role therein.

18689: A bristling forest of bayonets. Russian troops on reviewHe is keen to have high resolution scans of pictures that can be scaled up to A3 or A2 or larger size to make the most of their visual impact, and if you could send him a picture that would be great, or he can arrange for them to be sent to his office at Brookes and he’ll return them to you after digitisation.

He will, of course acknowledge you as the source, and if you have a story to go with the pictures and their journeys certainly let him know! Similarly, if you have any comments, questions or otherwise about it all.

Should you be able to contribute please get in touch, he would need to finalise the list of pictures by 31st August 2016.


For further information, please contact Tudor Georgescu


Postal: Oxford Brookes University, Gipsy Lane Campus, Tonge 6.59, Oxford, OX3 0BP

Visit the “War Beyond the Western Front” Project webpage: Link


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