Events & News: Lofthouse Park Revisited and Germans in Nottinghamshire Research Published

Participants in Lofthouse Gate Working Men’s Club

The Centre for Hidden Histories has supported a number of projects which explore the experiences of Germans in Britain during World War One.   We are pleased to announce some news in relation to two of these projects.

The ‘In the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time’ project has announced a whole series of events both in the UK and Germany for autumn 2017.  These include a Heritage Open Day in Lofthouse, Wakefield on 10th September 2017 and the opening of a Lofthouse Park exhibition at  Wakefield One/Wakefield Local Studies Library and Museum on 11th November 2017.  For full details of the 2017 Lofthouse Park Heritage Open Day, please click here: Heritage Open Day Lofthouse Park Revisited.

Ben Braber and students

Dr Ben Braber, who organised a schools project with the Trent Academy Group has published this research in Midland History, Volume 42, Issue 1.  Students from the Trent Academy Group who participated in this project, each contributed one day’s research to the article, “Living with the enemy – German immigrants in Nottingham during the First World War.”

To read the research findings of Ben’s project, please click on the link below for an open access version of his article:

Braber open access version of article


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